Faces of Victory

Igor Sergeevich OSIPOV

In 1941, Igor Sergeevich Osipov completed 10 grades of secondary school with honors. He managed to get into the NKVD Destruction Battalion fighting against paratroopers and saboteurs. He took part in the battles for Kharkiv. In November 1941, he was transferred to the 216th Rifle Division, with which he participated in the battles in Donbas and in the Rostov Oblast. In December 1941, he requested a transfer from a rifle company to a reconnaissance platoon of the 665th Rifle Regiment. He fought in Donbas as a private, then as a deputy political instructor of a platoon until May 1942. He was sent to the courses for junior political instructors. As part of the courses, he participated in battles, retreating across the Don River, Kuban, and the main ridge of the Caucasus.

As a deputy commander of the battery (then assistant to the head of the political department of the division working with Komsomol members and youth), he fought in the Caucasus, Kuban, Ukraine, he stormed his way forward up to Zaporizhzhia, assault crossed Sivash. They fought, improving the defense and repelling numerous attacks and attempts to drop troops from the Crimean land.

On April 8, 1943, the operation to liberate Crimea began, the division liberated Simferopol, assaulted Mount Sapun, and was one of the first to break into Sevastopol, participating in the liberation of the city and finishing off the remnants of German troops at Chersonese Cape. After that, the division was transferred to liberate Belarus and the Baltic States. In October 1944, he was seriously wounded in both arms and hip and was sent to the hospital.

Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st and 2nd classes, Order of the Red Star, medal "For Battle Merit", medal "For the Defense of the Caucasus", medal
"For the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" and others
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