Faces of Victory

Alexander Petrovich POPOV

In April 1941, Alexander Petrovich Popov enrolled in the Military Automotive Technical School in Pushkin city near Leningrad, where he heard the battle alert announcing the beginning of the war.

His war path began with the battle for the Caucasus. After that, he participated in the liberation of Kuban and Crimea. After the battles for Kerch, he was one of the first, on May 9, 1944, to break into Sevastopol on his T-34.

He participated in the liberation of Belarus, Poland, in the battles on the territory of Germany, in the Berlin operation. He finished his combat path 400 m from the Reichstag building. He was wounded twice.

Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st class, Order of Alexander Nevsky
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