Faces of Victory

Zinaida Iosifovna ZAGREBINA

In September 1941, Zinaida Iosifovna Zagrebina joined the auxiliary ships and hydrography detachment (OSVGa) of the Black Sea Fleet and was enlisted as a sailor of the dry cargo barge SP-90, which was operated by the provisions office of the Sevastopol port. When the enemy came close to the city, she helped transport soldiers to the front line, pick up the wounded and killed.
She worked on a barge until May 1942. At the end of May, the barge was hit by a shell. Zinaida Iosifovna was sent to work in the OSVGa shelter, where she worked until the last day of the defense. At the beginning of July 1942, the workers were taken out on one-and-a-half-ton trucks to Kamyshovaya Bay, where they stayed until July 3, waiting in vain for ships that would take them from Sevastopol.
She survived during the occupation of Sevastopol, helped the Sevastopol underground organization. She was wounded.

Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st class, Order for Valour, medal
"For the Defense of Sevastopol" and others
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