Faces of Victory

Alexander Semyonovich SHEVEL

In 1940, Alexander Semyonovich Shevel graduated from the 8th grade. The war began, the enemy occupied Kerch and began to create camps to send the population to Germany, he escaped from the camp 5 times. After the liberation of the Kerch Peninsula, he was sent to a military unit in Topolevka village.
He participated in the liberation of Sevastopol with the 105th Rifle Regiment of the 77th Rifle Division in the rank of sergeant.

On May 5, 1944, he took the oath and participated in the assault on Mount Sapun with the 51st Army. After the liberation of Sevastopol, the troops of the 51st Army were sent to liberate Belarus and the Baltic States.

On August 20, 1944, Alexander Semyonovich was seriously wounded and sent to the hospital, after recovery he was declared unfit for service but was sent to the city of Gorky to the 29th local battalion to escort cargos to the front. He graduated from the Central Training School of the Railway Troops in the city of Shchelkovo, Moscow Oblast, after completing courses, he was awarded the rank of sergeant.

Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd class, medal "For Battle Merit", medal "For the Liberation of Belarus", medal "For the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", letter of commendation from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief I. V. Stalin

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