Faces of Victory

Valentina Timofeevna SERGUSHKINA

In 1941, Valentina Timofeevna Sergushkina graduated from the 9th grade and from the first days of the war started helping out in the military hospital. After the hospital was transferred to the Inkerman Tunnels, she continued to provide assistance to medical personnel and the wounded. During the bombing of the hospital, she was wounded, as a result of the injury, her leg was amputated.

On July 27, 1942, she was evacuated to Krasnodar by plane. After treatment, she was evacuated to Tbilisi, where she took typist courses.

In 1946, Valentina Timofeevna returned to Sevastopol, worked for a long time in the military units of the city.

Order of the Patriotic war, of the 1st class, medal "For the Defense of Sevastopol", medal "For Valorous Labour"
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