Faces of Victory

Vasily Makarovich BRESHKOV

On the first day of the Great Patriotic War Vasily Makarovich Breshkov was in the village of Khlebtovo in the Komarichsky District of the Bryansk Oblast. In 1941, he participated in the construction of defensive lines near Bryansk.

In October 1941, the German troops advanced, and for the 17-year-old boy Vasya, life in the occupation began. In March 1943, the Soviet troops returned, and Vasily, who by that time was already 19 years old, enlisted in the same unit that liberated the village.

On May 1, 1943, he was wounded during bombing by German aviation and was hospitalized and moved to the Oryol Oblast. After recovery, he was sent to Cheboksary for retraining. Subsequently, Vasily Makarovich was selected by a special commission of sailors to be enrolled in the naval school of Yaroslavl.

He participated in the landing of the Kerch and Feodosia troops – with the support detachment on the minesweeper "Vzryv (Explosion)" he put smoke screens, a barrage.

Then there were operations to liberate Sevastopol, Ochakov, Odesa. After that, he was taking ships from the Romanian Constanța to Sevastopol, where they were removing mines. While he was doing that the war ended.

Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd class, Order of the Red Star, medal
"For Courage", medal "For Battle Merit"
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