Faces of Victory

Shevkiye Abdritovna ABIBULAYEVA

Corpsman of the famous 25th Chapaev Rifle Division. During the defense of Sevastopol in 1942, she took part in battles in the area of the 35th Coastal Battery. One of the last people who saw major general P. G. Novikov. She witnessed how doctors Kofman and Zybin were shot.
During the defense of Sevastopol, Shevkiye Abdritovna Abibulayeva bandaged more than 50 soldiers and commanders, removed many fighters from the battlefield, set fire to a fascist tank.
During the occupation, a resident of Sevastopol sheltered her and her sister. Afterward, Shevkiye Abdritovna went to the Baydar Valley area to look for partisans. There she met Krasnov, a Red Army soldier, and Vergasov, a pilot. She took part in the activities of the partisan unit, which was part of the Southern large unit of the partisans of Crimea (commander – M. A. Makedonsky, commissar – M. V. Selimov).
In 2014, she opened a museum dedicated to the third generation of
Chapaev Division rifle shooters. She has strived for this day all her post-war life, collected stories, photos, personal belongings. In her house, in the Dalneye village (formerly Kamyshly), she tried to memorialize everyone with whom she once shared the path to the Great Victory.

medal "For the Defense of Sevastopol"

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