Faces of Victory

Boris Leonidovich YAKOVLEV

Before the war, Boris Leonidovich Yakovlev was drafted into the army. He served in the 324th Howitzer Artillery Regiment, graduated from the regimental school, he was near the city of Przemyśl when the war began.

Throughout the war, Boris Yakovlev was the captain of a 203-millimeter howitzer gun. The troops were retreating, they first reached Kyiv, then Kharkiv, then the regiment was sent to the deep rear - the Republic of Mari El, since howitzer guns are very slow-moving and heavy, they were suitable only for an offensive and for a strong defense. They stayed there until May 1943. In May, the regiment was loaded onto trains and sent to Ukraine, where it participated in the battles for Zaporizhzhia. After that, they were transferred to Crimea, where they first assault crossed the Sivash, then captured the city of Dzhankoy and moved on to Sevastopol, took part in the assault on the city. The gun of Boris Leonidovich was placed nearby and was hitting the powerful enemy fortifications on Mount Sapun at point-blank range.

After that, they were transferred to Karelia - to the area of the Svir River. Our troops assault crossed the Svir River, occupied Olonets and Pitkyaranta, then they were again transferred to the territory of Ukraine, passed the territory of Romania, and approached Budapest. After heavy fighting, assault crossing the Danube several times, Budapest was taken on February 13, 1945. Then they began to advance to Austria, reached the border with Vienna, where they greeted the Victory.

Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd class, Order of the Red Star, seven medals (including four combat medals)
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