Faces of Victory

Raisa Fyodorovna SOLDATOVA

In June 1941, Raisa Fyodorovna Soldatova volunteered for the front. She took part in the defense of Sevastopol. During the retreat, she stayed with the wounded, she was wounded herself in the spine, but she could move, so she continued to help the wounded soldiers.

In July 1942, together with the wounded, she was captured by the Germans. For more than a month, she endured cruel tortures, interrogations, beatings. Then the prisoners were sent to Germany.

In the autumn of 1943, Raisa Fyodorovna was sent to concentration camp
"Auschwitz", spent long fourteen months in captivity waiting for death.

In January 1945, soldiers of the 60th Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front liberated the camp.
In 1945, she was called up by the field military recruitment office as a paramedic to a separate working battalion in the Far East. In 1946, she was discharged. She returned to Kerch.

Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd class, Order for Courage of the 3rd class, Order of Glory of the 3rd class, medal "For the Defense of Sevastopol", Medal of Zhukov, medal "For the Victory over Germany" and others

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