Faces of Victory

Ivan Alekseevich GREBENYUK

In September 1943, when Ivan Alekseevich Grebenyuk turned 18, he was waiting for the draft any day then. However, he was called up only on April 12, 1944.

Having spent only 2 days in the reserve regiment, on April 14, he received a brand-new machine gun and was sent to liberate Sevastopol. He was among the first rows of those who assaulted the famous Mount Sapun, drenched in the blood of Soviet soldiers.

During the assault, the fascists were shooting all their guns without even aiming, knowing that in that "meat grinder" they would definitely hit the Soviet soldiers.

The Red Army continued the offensive, the shells were bursting closer and closer, one of the shells exploded very close to Ivan Alekseevich. As a result, he got a contusion, which, according to Ivan Alekseevich, saved his life, because many of his comrades died during the assault on the main hill of Sevastopol.

After that, he fought on the Baltic Front, in Manchuria.

Order of the Patriotic War, Order for Valour, medal "For Courage"

Memories of the assault on Mount Sapun:
"Imagine, on that day we did not see the sun – the sky was obscured by smoke and dust. Soldiers were crawling nearby dragging machine guns and mortars. It was not a sight for the faint-hearted: some shouted "For the Motherland!", " Hurrah!", others with bleeding lacerations groaned loudly, and others remained silent since they were already dead. But no one retreated, no one run back"
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