Faces of Victory

Boris Petrovich POPOV

Boris Petrovich Popov graduated from school in 1939, entered the Tbilisi Artillery School named after 26 Baku Commissars. In June 1941, he passed the exams, completed combat shooting exercises, and was sent to the front in the rank of lieutenant.

He was appointed commander of a firing platoon of a battery of 76-mm guns of the 26th Artillery Regiment of the 63rd Mountain Rifle Division. With the 44th Army, he took part in the Kerch-Feodosia Landing Operation. In January 1942, he was captured, and put in a concentration camp in the city of Dzhankoy, but during the transportation of prisoners to Germany, he escaped. After a long wandering, he found our troops.

He was appointed commander of the firing platoon of the anti-tank battery of the 63rd Separate Tank Brigade. He participated in battles near the village of Krymskaya.

He liberated his native Crimea, reached Sevastopol. He participated in the city assault, commanded a battery. He fought in the area of the collective farm
"Bolshevik", the Italian cemetery, reached Kamyshovaya Bay and the Chersonese lighthouse. He moved with guns after the advancing infantry and tanks, covered the flanks of the assault groups.
Then he participated in liberation of Belarus and Poland.

Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st and 2nd classes, medal "For the Defense of the Caucasus", medal "For the Liberation of Warsaw", medal "For the Victory over Germany"

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