Faces of Victory

Evgeny Fedorovich ROGOV

In 1942, Evgeny Fedorovich Rogov was drafted into the Soviet Army, sent to the Astrakhan Infantry School. Due to the proximity to the front, he got into the 59th Rifle Brigade of the 28th Army of the Stalingrad Front as an automatic rifleman and was on the front line until the end of December, after which he was sent to the courses for junior lieutenants of the Stalingrad Front in the city of Uralsk.

After completing the courses in March 1943, Yevgeny Fedorovich was appointed platoon commander of the 1275th Rifle Regiment of the 387th Division of the 28th Army of the Southern Front. Then he was sent to Crimea, where he took part in the battles for the liberation of Sevastopol, then guarded Crimea during the Yalta Conference.

In March 1945, he was transferred from Crimea to Bucharest to protect the Soviet troops in Romania, where he met Victory Day.

Order of the Red Banner of Battle, Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st class, medal "For Courage", the letter of commendation from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Marshal of the Soviet Union I. V. Stalin for fighting to break through the defense of Sevastopol

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