Faces of Victory

Nikolai Kuzmich ZIMOVETS

Nikolai Kuzmich Zimovets graduated from the Barnaul Artillery School. His personal military history began in 1943 near Melitopol where he started as a lieutenant of the 305th Howitzer Regiment. Nikolai Kuzmich participated in the battles for the liberation of Crimea, Belarus, Poland, in the assault crossing of the Dnieper and Oder, in the defeat of the East Prussian group of Germans. He met the victory near the city of Rostock in Germany in the rank of battery commander.

The regiment in which Nikolai Kuzmich served, liberated Crimea in the spring of 1944 with the 4th Ukrainian Front, participated in the assault on Mount Sapun.

two Orders of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd class, medal "For Courage" and others

Memories of the assault on Mount Sapun:
"We were given a task to break through the enemy's defense at the Mount Sapun section to shatter the stability of the German defense. We managed to do that on May 7, and on May 9, the front's troops broke into Sevastopol and liberated the city. None of us could even imagine at that time how symbolic the liberation of Sevastopol was on May 9. No one expected that the war would end in exactly one year"

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