Faces of Victory

Nika Afanasyeva CHUKARINA

Nika Afanasyevna met the Great Patriotic War in her native Balaklava. With her mother, sister, and brother, she was part of the 456th NKVD regiment of the 109th Rifle Division, which was based at Hill 112 of Balaklava. She was a nurse.

Nimble kids -Nika Afanasyevna and her brother, made sallies to get water under the fascist sniper rifles. Water in Balaklava could be collected only in two wells. During one of the trips for water, a German sniper wounded Nika Afanasyevna, after which she had to be treated for a long time. After being wounded, she was sent to Sevastopol, where she remained until the end of the war.

Nika Afanasyevna's family met the Day of the Great Victory at home in their native Balaklava.

Medal of Zhukov, "Young Defender of Sevastopol" badge, and others
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