Faces of Victory

Valentina Sergeevna LUNEVA

A native resident of Sevastopol in the sixth generation.
His father, born in 1889, after the evacuation of the Sevastopol Shipyard, worked in a military unit that resided in the Inkerman tunnel.

Her mother, in the same place, at the headquarters of the 25th Chapaev division, cooked food for the soldiers, did the laundry.

Valentina Sergeevna Luneva and her sisters were enrolled in a specialized plant. They worked on sewing machines for 16 hours. The eldest sewed kirza boots, the middle sister and Valentina Sergeevna - fur jackets, trousers, gymnastyorkas (tunics), underwear, ghillie suits – everything needed on the front. In the very last days of the defense, the girls were entrusted with making fuses. They sewed bags of parachute silk, which were then filled with shot in another tunnel, where weapons and ammunition were stored, under the supervision of Commissar Zhuravlev.
She worked in the rear. Valentina Sergeevna spent the entire war in her native Crimea.

medal "For the Defense of Sevastopol"
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